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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

After five successful parts of the Harry Potter, here now comes again the new sequel. The part six is entitled as Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince and will be shown on July 15. Here in the Philippines, showing date will be on July 17.

Watch it out in theaters and find out the journey of Harry Potter played by Daniel Radcliffe as another mystery will be revealed. This will surely another blockbuster hit for it has been waited by million of fans around the world.

Moon Conspiracy: Hoax or Not

There are lots of speculations that the landing of man on the moon had never happened. For they said that the video from the moon showing Neil Armstrong's landing was a fake. Just like the swaying of the flag on a vacuum space, the footprints left, the walking on the moon with 1/6 of earth's gravity were totally unbelievable they said.

But, we have several people came to prove that man had ever landed to moon. Based on their experiments which proved that the conspiracy about the flag, footprints, and walks were totally wrong. In the conspiracy, flag should not sway in a vacuum space, footprints will not appear because there is no presence of water or vapor on the moon, and controversial movements while walking, hopping, and floating on the moon. All of these were showed in the video from the moon.

The truth is:
1. Swaying of the Flag. Mythbusters conducted experiments in two different settings. Sway the flag in atmospheric pressure level and a vacuum space. The results gave an amazing conclusion. In atmospheric pressure, the flag swayed for about 3 second or so. But under vacuum space, flags swayed in a tremendous amount of time compared on atmospheric pressure. Surprising isn't it? Take note that the swaying is done on the same level of force.

2. Footprints. In the conspiracy, there must be no footprints left on the moon. But in the experiment using the vacuum space in laboratory revealed that footprints will actually be left even in vacuum space. This proves that water vapor or the water is not the main factor for making a footprint.

3. Walking on the moon. In the conspiracy, the walks that Neil Armstrong showed in the video were done using harness and wires. By the experiments conducted by Mythbusters, using of harness and wires are impossible to replicate what Neil Armstrong did in the video and even using special effects. But using simulation of zero gravity, or rather a true replication of moon's gravity, it proves that the walks made by Armstrong were authentic and true. This experiment used the same space suit as what Armstrong worn and only his exact body weight was considered.

So, this conspiracy is actually hoax and busted. The moon had been already visited by a man and that is true...

Twilight's sequel: New Moon

From the phenomenal hit movie Twilight adapted from book novel by Stephanie Meyer now comes to its sequel. Starring Kristen Stewart who plays Bella Swan and Robert Pattinson who plays Edward Cullen. From the Twilight movie, Bella fell in love with a vampire who is in the person of Edward. Their love story has only just begun and find out more from its sequel New Moon, coming this year. It has been reported that this sequel has started shooting. Just watchout how this sequel overcome Twilight. This surely will become another big hit.