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Monday, August 24, 2009

Shark: May the Fittest Fetus Survives

"I really can't believe about this thing that shark fetuses eat each other while they are in their mother's womb. It some kind of cannibalism but I can't even think it will take as early as they are only fetus."

"You know what, the great white sharks and tiger sharks keep their eggs inside their body until the eggs will mature and be hatched ready to be born. It may take a year or so before the baby sharks be completed and born. So, maybe it was the reason why they kill and eat each other in order to survive. It's just like a survival of the fittest and if you're weak, you'll be eaten up. From 60 babies that are destined to be born, only 2 will be left instead and will experience to be born."

"Sharks don't take care of their babies. Once they are born, they will live alone and learn everything by instinct. Sharks are loners and don't know the essence of a family or friends for companionship."

"This is really true for the sharks. Just be thankful that in humans or other animals, with two or more fetuses inside the womb are not meant to be like of that sharks. Imagine, if all fetuses will kill each other to survive, it's very hard to exist."

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Genetic Manipulations Link to Human-Animal Hybrid

"It is very absurd to think that in the future, blending of species especially human to animal blending will be possible. But how far scientist had gone to make out things such us genetic manipulations? Nowadays, science has no limit and it is just continuously exploring and discovering the things that are yet unexplored and undiscovered. But if it is, I'll ask you, would you like genetic manipulation to be practiced as it will alter species into mixed, trans-species, and hybrid ones?"

"For example, what if human-animal hybrid existed and there was a new creature of human-dog
hybrid. What kind of look it will have? Ridiculously thinking of it will picture out like this. Have a look on this picture. Don't be shock because it is not true! It was an artwork and sculptured by Patricia Piccinini during her exhibition "We are Family" on 2003. Was it so awful and so gross to see a hybrid like this. I can't even take this kind of scenario in the future if ever. But I hope, as much as possible, we will not come into this. Even it is just an artwork, for me, it is so disgusting to see that the replica of our body from God has been mixed with that of animal's body. Still, I consider the human body as a sacred temple of human's borrowed-soul from God."

"How about taking this another side where genetic manipulation will be used in medical fields. Think about when somebody just got severely burned and skin grafting is recommended for a surgery and they would rather graft a pig's skin. Are you ready to take that risk for you be able to replace that burned skin of yours? Of course, you will neither understand nor answer this question unless you will be in that scenario. But how about chimpanzee's heart to replace your deteriorating heart? If it's the only way in the future, can we accept it? Seriously, I, myself, can't answer this."

"It will remain a big question for me. After you read this, I don't know what has come into your mind after I fed you this kind of scenario. But I will apologize to those that I might offended their religious belief."

"If this time will come, don't be amazed that one day in the far future, you will just see or have a company of hybrid creatures. Imagine if those Greek mythical creatures, mermaid, etc. will exist in the future because of genetic manipulations. That will be a big OMG..."

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Real Life Colony of Zombies


"Wow, when I hear the word Zombie, the first thing would come in my mind is Frankenstein. Frankenstein was an icon of horror movies before. Zombie is a dead people who happens to come back to life again. Well, at this point of life, I neither heard nor seen a dead people coming back to life again as zombies. It's too creepy if really there was."
"But now, it's different. We have real life zombies but of course, it's not in the form of human. Guess what? ANTS. Yes, the carpenter ants. It was discovered by scientists that there really zombie ants. I read an article from confirming this stuff."

"But what makes these ants to be a zombie. It's all because of a fungus. This fungus makes the ant a walking dead. Once ants get infected, the fungus will take over the brain of the ants and controls everything. The fungus makes the ants to climb down from their nest up in the tree. What is amazing about the fungus was that it controls the ants to clamp down with his mandibles to the low leaves. The infected ants already had fungus growing within their body and after dying, the fungus will spontaneously grows until it willl breakout from the body of the ant. It will take a week or two to breakout. From the breaking, the spores of fungus is now free to fall. That's how fungus meant to spread through out the forest and infect another ants again."

"I really couldn't imagine how fungus makes this to the ants. Even scientists are clueless about the magic that controls the ant's brain by this fungus. I just hope that it is not infectious to humans. I don't want to become a zombie just because of this fungus. Luckily, I'm not an ant and I'm very thankful to that."

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Carbon Scrubber to Save the Earth from Global Warming

"Carbon scrubber? What is this? If you take the literal meaning, it means a tool use to scrub carbon. Still confused? Well, don't take it literally because it's not as what it is. Why would you scrub carbon for what? If you wanna know the answer, just keep in reading then."

Carbon scrubber is a new way to clean air. This means that carbon scrubber will help reduce carbon dioxide content in the air by filtration process. This will extract the carbon dioxide and separate it from the air making the air to be reduced of excess portion of CO2. This is existing now and used at home. But how will it help to lessen the Global warming if it will just accomodate only as large as home place. Well, this is the scientists and physicists are pursuing on how will it be designed to efficiently say it will help fight the global warming.

"Actually, scientists are already in the process to build a prototype of carbon scrubber. As featured in "Project Earth", a TV program aired by Discovery Channel and I watched it, they had built the prototype already and performed experiments to test if it was successfully attained the goal. And the result, a success one. Here is the photo of the said prototype."

"But how this prototype works? As you can see, the horizontal tube which happens to be the fan will be the one to suck up air inside the prototype. Once the air is captured inside, the air will be sprayed with sodium hydroxide solution which will be responsible for capturing the CO2. Once sprayed, air will passed another filtration in the honeycomb padding and then the cleaned air will go its way out in the opening at the top of the tower. The carbon dioxide that was captured will be frozen and disposed of properly. This experiment was a success one with the used of new technology. They have used carbon dioxide detector and was interpreted by computer how the content of CO2 in air was reduced when it passed the prototype. The testing process lasted for almost a day long and no failure was recorded."

"This is such a good and promising invention we have today. But the problem is, putting up an industrial size carbon scrubber would cost billion of dollars. Implementation is still a problem but I hope this would be pursued. "

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Does Sun Shrinks or Grows?

"I always think about the sun if it grows or shrinks. Well, either of the two, if it happens to be, still a bad thing for most of the planets in our solar-system, even for us mankind. How can I say that it is a bad thing, well take this assumptions for you to be clarrified."

"If sun shrinks/shrinking, then we most likely losing the better position where Earth is just enough to receive sunlight. If the sun shrinks, it just likely to be the sun is going to be a bit far from us where the enough sunlight we intend to receive will be lessen until such time the sun's energy is not enough to bring life to Earth. Inadequate solar power means a zero chance for life to continue. But it's not shrinking because...(read the next paragraph)"

"...because, the sun is growing. Yeah, you read it right and it was according to the astronomer that sun is growing. In fact they say that it is growing every year but so minimal that we can't even notice that it was. But according to their estimation, a few billion years from now and if earth is still here, the sun would be bigger enough to fry us and vaporize the planets that came to be near from the sun. If it will going to happen then our scientist is making a move about it if we can stop such catastrophe or else it ends everything."

"Don't get me wrong about sharing this one to you. I'm not even frightening everyone here about the case they assumpted. It just happen that I read about it and share it with you. Who knows, one of us will be scientist to think of ways to avoid the assumpted case. Good for us then."

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ice Glaciers to Flood the Earth

"Have you ever think what will happen when the Ice sheet in Antarctica will melt down? You should know it right now because it's really a disaster when it happens. Read this carefully to know what will going to happen if ever it would melt down."

The Ice Sheet in Antarctica holds about 90% of the world's ice. Yes, that's huge. We are experiencing the phenomenon of Global Warming which nearly in the future if warming continues, no doubt that Ice Sheet will melt down. If it happens, the sea level will rise for about 220 feet, nearly a height of a 20-story building. We cannot hide the fact that the melting process is now underway and the worst-case scenario will depends upon how the global temperature rises every year. By 2100, sea level would jump up for about 3 feet or 1 meter.

"If Global warming continues, all of us will suffer. Find ways to stop global warming to ensure the safety of the next generations of mankind as well as the nature."

Knowing the Moon and Thunder

"I'm here again to share something that I know you would like to know. Some may knew it already but others will only be. These two things are always be familiar to everyone but knowing them further will likely to be a good one. So let's start now and talk about Moon and Thunder."

Moon is known to be the natural satellite of the Earth. According to the scientists, moon has used to be much closer from the Earth billion years ago. It was estimated that Earth is already been 4.5 billion years old right now. Moon is much closer from Earth before that it took only 20 days to revolve around the Earth to make a month. Yes, it was 20 days a month before and only 18 hours to make a day. But moon had moved away from the Earth and still moving to keep a distant from us. It was said that every year moon is moving away for about 1.6 inches or 4 cm. As it moves away, Earth's rotation would slows down making the day to lenghten. Not far in the future, we will going to have a 960 hours long to make a day.

Thunder is the roaring sound we hear whenever there is a storm or bad weather. But where really thunder coming from. I'll bet you, you will answer "lightning" which is not really is. For a brilliant answer, it's really the air that surrounds the lightning when it strikes. The air around the lightning is being superheated knowing that lightning bolt is 5 times hotter than the temperature of the sun. This sudden heating makes the air to expand faster than the speed of sound and then compressed that forms a shock wave. For that reason, we can hear it as a thunder.

"Now we know already these two things, the moon and the thunder. So until next again, see yah..."

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cases That Will Destroy Earth

"Did something ever subject your mind to think how Earth will be destroyed? That would be considered as absurd thinking because you are just making a point how mankind and everything will end. But scientifically thinking, (keeping the safe side of mine that I really don't want Earth be destroyed), what if there really is and how?"

Well, here will be some cases of bad scenarios that will subject Earth from being destroyed if ever. But of course, before we go through, neither of these being listed are said to be possible but just in case.
  • Existence failure. Will giving it by chance that the atoms which were making up the Earth just suddenly, simultaneously, or spontaneously cease to exist. Got a point there but these scenario would be a ridiculous one.
  • Sucked into a microscopic black hole. A black hole that is probably a man-made one. If you watched Spider-Man 2 where Doc Oc created a machine that slowly becoming like a blackhole. Microscopic blackhole will be placed on the surface of the Earth and it will slowly absorbed every matter until everything sucked up including earth. Sounds impossible but what if there will be a wicked scientist that could invent like this. OMG.
  • Vacuum Energy detonation. This is a fun one. Contemporary scientific theories tell us that what we may see as vacuum is only vacuum on average, and actually thriving with vast amounts of particles and antiparticles constantly appearing and then annihilating each other. It also suggests that the volume of space enclosed by a light bulb contains enough vacuum energy to boil every ocean in the world. Therefore, vacuum energy could prove to be the most abundant energy source of any kind. Which is where you come in. All you need to do is figure out how to extract this energy and harness it in some kind of power plant - this can easily be done without arousing too much suspicion - then surreptitiously allow the reaction to run out of control. The resulting release of energy would easily be enough to annihilate all of planet Earth and probably the Sun too. (source: "3001: The Final Odyssey," by Arthur C. Clarke")
  • Sucked into a Giant Blackhole. What if there would be a giant blackhole suddenly appear near the Earth and suck the Earth. If there would be, that surely be a scary scenario.
  • Pulverized by a big Impact from Outer Space objects. Just like in the movie "Armageddon", possibility of hitting the Earth by a huge heavenly bodies that will give a great impact enough to pulverize the Earth.
  • Being Hurled into the Sun. What if the earth losses track from its orbit making Earth pulled by Sun's gravitational force. It will be definitely the end because anything goes into the sun, destroys.
"So frightful to think ways like this. But as much as possible, all of these should not happen at any instances. If so, you are not going to read this article of mine because we don't already exists. Thank God it's not."

Friday, August 7, 2009

Eyes of Different Fascinations

"Have you ever wondered why there are different kinds of eye colors? What color is your eyes are? Well, probably your eye color depends on what race you are and by how you genitically inherited it straight from your parents."

"From different races around the world, Asians are dark-brown and black eyed persons. While Europeans and Americans are blue, green, and hazel eyed persons."

"If you ask people what eye color do they want, they would probably answer a blue one and some green instead. But if I would choose, i'll have the green eyes because my eye color is dark brown. I really love that green color because green is refreshing."

"People may achieve the eye color they want by wearing contact lenses. It's an artficial way of changing the eye color but not permanently. Contact lenses are commercially available in the market so anyone can have it if they want. But be careful on wearing this because our eyes are very sensitive so give an extra care to avoid irritations."

"Some would ask if the colors of the eyes have a respective meaning. As I surf the internet, I found some descriptions of eyes according to its color. Read this."
  • Black eyes - If you have this, you are probably a fast learner, wise and smart, and a story teller.
  • Bluish green eyes - You are passionate, creative, beautiful, quiet and a deep thinker. You are an artist.
  • Hazel eyes - Being proud, helpful, a decision maker are your character.
  • Grey eyes - You are beautiful and deep thinker. For men, they could be probably a priest or historian.
  • Green eyes - Unique, hard to find, strong feeler, stubborn, different, very proud, quick-witted and tempered, strong willed. Your role is a Warrior.
  • Blue eyes - Pure at heart, passionate, lovable, very caring and kind, beautifu. Your role is a painter.
  • Brown- you are stubborn, proud, smart, strong, leader, wanting, creative, driven. Your role in a society would be the leader.
"So, some finds it to be true and some would not. But whatever it is, yourself is your own judge. I just want to share this you but not insisting you to believe whatever descriptions we have here. Anyways, I hope I shared something new to you today. Have a good day then."

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Spread Your Wings, Butterfly

"When there is a flower garden, no doubt butterflies are also there. Butterflies fed on flower's nectar as well as the bees. Let's take a look on butterfly and the mysteries behind their colorful wings."

"Since we know that butterfly came from a caterpillar through the procees called metamorphosis, we'll some kinda talk more about their wings. Well, if you already seen a butterfly wings, you will notice a dusty particles or powder form materials when being touched. These are not really a powder nor dust but a tiny scales that cover the entire the wings. It's like a protective cover and these scales are considered to be the tiniest scale ever."

"These scales are the one responsible why the wings of butterflies are colorful. There is an ability of these tiny scales to aborb certain wavelength of light to be visible. We know that light has different wavelengths of each has different colors. The tiny scales of same property are grouped within the wing and that is why there are color patterns."

"These color patterns of the tiny scales play a great purpose. Butterfly uses this as defense mechanisms. Since they are prey for the birds, their wings gives them a security from being captured. The birds are more attracted to the wings so when the birds try to hunt down butterflies, birds miss the body of the butterfly because they aimed the wings instead. This is why when you see butterflies with their wing ruined, it was done by the birds."

"So nice to know that their wings are not just only to make them beautiful and able to fly, but also a tool for their defense mechanism."

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Past Life on the Red Planet

"Mars is the red planet of our solar system and considered to believe that there's a life form within the planet. It will be considered a great breakthrough in science history if Martian life is proven. I would likely to stick and wait about the Mars exploration team to investigate further if Mars could ever have a past life or a life existing to it right now."

Here, I will share to you some 5 cases for Martian life that I just watch from the youtube.

1. It's somewhat shares some and a lot of similarities just like the Earth. It has terrain and unlike other planets which are all gas. It has an atmosphere and weather as well.

2. There was a speculation of water exists on Mars. As far as there is water, a big chance to have a life form. As there were photos taken from the Mars, they found traces and signs of water on the surface soil of the planet.

3. But until July 31, 2008, NASA confirmed the presence of water by the soil sample taken by the Phoenix Mars Lander.

4. NASA detected the presence of methane on Mars. Methane is a gas that usually produced biologically by living organism and that was 90% of the Earth atmospheric methane and 10% was produced geochemically by the interaction of rocks and water. It was January 2003 and June 30, 2004 when European Space Agency confirmed the presence of methane on Mars but it does not say where the methane came from.

5. Methane source has been found. Nasa scientists announced on January 15, 2009 that they found the specific region on Mars that emits large quantity of methane. They don't know what produces methane underneath the ground but they are sure of it was biologically produced by some kind of living organisms.

"These improvements in investigating life on Mars are really intriguing. Who knows from the future, we might see Martian people living on the red planet."

Here is the video of Mars from Youtube courtesy of Discovery Channel.

Talking about Honeybees

"The sweet honey is produced by honeybees by collecting nectars from the flowers they visited. It is so sweet that everybody loves it. If you are watching cartoons and know Winnie the Pooh, all he eats is honey. But I'm not making an article about honey because I love sweets ( nah, frankly I don't like sweets), it's because I have a lots of trivia I want to share to you. Let's talk about honey and honeybees."

"Did something ever strikes your mind to think how many flowers do honeybees have to visit just to make a tablespoon of honey? Well, I will let myself answer that for you. An average honeybee can make only one and one half (1 1/2) of tablespoon in her entire life. For the bee to make a tablespoon of honey, she have to visit roughly 62,500 flowers and about 93,750 flowers to visit in her entire life. Imagine that number of flowers for just a tablespoon of honey. It's really a big wow. Bees have an average life span of 45 days so it means a 45 days just to visit 93,750 flowers for 1 1/2 tablespoon of honey."

"Did you know that honey don't expires? Yes, it's definitely not because of its high sugar content that almost kills bacteria that tries to inhabit within a honey. For a proof, a honey had been discovered from Egypt. A honey of 2000 years old was not expired and even taste more delicious. It's ridiculous but true."

"Now you know how amazing a honey and honeybees are. So if you ever like to pet a honeybee, give her a huge number of flowers. Ciao"