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Monday, August 17, 2009

A Real Life Colony of Zombies


"Wow, when I hear the word Zombie, the first thing would come in my mind is Frankenstein. Frankenstein was an icon of horror movies before. Zombie is a dead people who happens to come back to life again. Well, at this point of life, I neither heard nor seen a dead people coming back to life again as zombies. It's too creepy if really there was."
"But now, it's different. We have real life zombies but of course, it's not in the form of human. Guess what? ANTS. Yes, the carpenter ants. It was discovered by scientists that there really zombie ants. I read an article from confirming this stuff."

"But what makes these ants to be a zombie. It's all because of a fungus. This fungus makes the ant a walking dead. Once ants get infected, the fungus will take over the brain of the ants and controls everything. The fungus makes the ants to climb down from their nest up in the tree. What is amazing about the fungus was that it controls the ants to clamp down with his mandibles to the low leaves. The infected ants already had fungus growing within their body and after dying, the fungus will spontaneously grows until it willl breakout from the body of the ant. It will take a week or two to breakout. From the breaking, the spores of fungus is now free to fall. That's how fungus meant to spread through out the forest and infect another ants again."

"I really couldn't imagine how fungus makes this to the ants. Even scientists are clueless about the magic that controls the ant's brain by this fungus. I just hope that it is not infectious to humans. I don't want to become a zombie just because of this fungus. Luckily, I'm not an ant and I'm very thankful to that."


Rad said...

Great post. Sounds like a Sci-Fi movie script, if somehow this fungus would infect humans and control our brains in the same way. Good stuff man

Miawruu said...

Poor ants

But I hope, the scientist not make research with this fungus in order to controlling human.... scary

prowebdesign said...

Lets hope that this fungus or anything like it will never reach us! Great post by the way!