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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Talking about Honeybees

"The sweet honey is produced by honeybees by collecting nectars from the flowers they visited. It is so sweet that everybody loves it. If you are watching cartoons and know Winnie the Pooh, all he eats is honey. But I'm not making an article about honey because I love sweets ( nah, frankly I don't like sweets), it's because I have a lots of trivia I want to share to you. Let's talk about honey and honeybees."

"Did something ever strikes your mind to think how many flowers do honeybees have to visit just to make a tablespoon of honey? Well, I will let myself answer that for you. An average honeybee can make only one and one half (1 1/2) of tablespoon in her entire life. For the bee to make a tablespoon of honey, she have to visit roughly 62,500 flowers and about 93,750 flowers to visit in her entire life. Imagine that number of flowers for just a tablespoon of honey. It's really a big wow. Bees have an average life span of 45 days so it means a 45 days just to visit 93,750 flowers for 1 1/2 tablespoon of honey."

"Did you know that honey don't expires? Yes, it's definitely not because of its high sugar content that almost kills bacteria that tries to inhabit within a honey. For a proof, a honey had been discovered from Egypt. A honey of 2000 years old was not expired and even taste more delicious. It's ridiculous but true."

"Now you know how amazing a honey and honeybees are. So if you ever like to pet a honeybee, give her a huge number of flowers. Ciao"