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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Spread Your Wings, Butterfly

"When there is a flower garden, no doubt butterflies are also there. Butterflies fed on flower's nectar as well as the bees. Let's take a look on butterfly and the mysteries behind their colorful wings."

"Since we know that butterfly came from a caterpillar through the procees called metamorphosis, we'll some kinda talk more about their wings. Well, if you already seen a butterfly wings, you will notice a dusty particles or powder form materials when being touched. These are not really a powder nor dust but a tiny scales that cover the entire the wings. It's like a protective cover and these scales are considered to be the tiniest scale ever."

"These scales are the one responsible why the wings of butterflies are colorful. There is an ability of these tiny scales to aborb certain wavelength of light to be visible. We know that light has different wavelengths of each has different colors. The tiny scales of same property are grouped within the wing and that is why there are color patterns."

"These color patterns of the tiny scales play a great purpose. Butterfly uses this as defense mechanisms. Since they are prey for the birds, their wings gives them a security from being captured. The birds are more attracted to the wings so when the birds try to hunt down butterflies, birds miss the body of the butterfly because they aimed the wings instead. This is why when you see butterflies with their wing ruined, it was done by the birds."

"So nice to know that their wings are not just only to make them beautiful and able to fly, but also a tool for their defense mechanism."


veronica said...


i love butterflies!! before, i always see butterflies swoopin around your face. nowadays, i don't a single one even if there are plants around :(