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Friday, August 7, 2009

Eyes of Different Fascinations

"Have you ever wondered why there are different kinds of eye colors? What color is your eyes are? Well, probably your eye color depends on what race you are and by how you genitically inherited it straight from your parents."

"From different races around the world, Asians are dark-brown and black eyed persons. While Europeans and Americans are blue, green, and hazel eyed persons."

"If you ask people what eye color do they want, they would probably answer a blue one and some green instead. But if I would choose, i'll have the green eyes because my eye color is dark brown. I really love that green color because green is refreshing."

"People may achieve the eye color they want by wearing contact lenses. It's an artficial way of changing the eye color but not permanently. Contact lenses are commercially available in the market so anyone can have it if they want. But be careful on wearing this because our eyes are very sensitive so give an extra care to avoid irritations."

"Some would ask if the colors of the eyes have a respective meaning. As I surf the internet, I found some descriptions of eyes according to its color. Read this."
  • Black eyes - If you have this, you are probably a fast learner, wise and smart, and a story teller.
  • Bluish green eyes - You are passionate, creative, beautiful, quiet and a deep thinker. You are an artist.
  • Hazel eyes - Being proud, helpful, a decision maker are your character.
  • Grey eyes - You are beautiful and deep thinker. For men, they could be probably a priest or historian.
  • Green eyes - Unique, hard to find, strong feeler, stubborn, different, very proud, quick-witted and tempered, strong willed. Your role is a Warrior.
  • Blue eyes - Pure at heart, passionate, lovable, very caring and kind, beautifu. Your role is a painter.
  • Brown- you are stubborn, proud, smart, strong, leader, wanting, creative, driven. Your role in a society would be the leader.
"So, some finds it to be true and some would not. But whatever it is, yourself is your own judge. I just want to share this you but not insisting you to believe whatever descriptions we have here. Anyways, I hope I shared something new to you today. Have a good day then."