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Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Past Life on the Red Planet

"Mars is the red planet of our solar system and considered to believe that there's a life form within the planet. It will be considered a great breakthrough in science history if Martian life is proven. I would likely to stick and wait about the Mars exploration team to investigate further if Mars could ever have a past life or a life existing to it right now."

Here, I will share to you some 5 cases for Martian life that I just watch from the youtube.

1. It's somewhat shares some and a lot of similarities just like the Earth. It has terrain and unlike other planets which are all gas. It has an atmosphere and weather as well.

2. There was a speculation of water exists on Mars. As far as there is water, a big chance to have a life form. As there were photos taken from the Mars, they found traces and signs of water on the surface soil of the planet.

3. But until July 31, 2008, NASA confirmed the presence of water by the soil sample taken by the Phoenix Mars Lander.

4. NASA detected the presence of methane on Mars. Methane is a gas that usually produced biologically by living organism and that was 90% of the Earth atmospheric methane and 10% was produced geochemically by the interaction of rocks and water. It was January 2003 and June 30, 2004 when European Space Agency confirmed the presence of methane on Mars but it does not say where the methane came from.

5. Methane source has been found. Nasa scientists announced on January 15, 2009 that they found the specific region on Mars that emits large quantity of methane. They don't know what produces methane underneath the ground but they are sure of it was biologically produced by some kind of living organisms.

"These improvements in investigating life on Mars are really intriguing. Who knows from the future, we might see Martian people living on the red planet."

Here is the video of Mars from Youtube courtesy of Discovery Channel.


Ric Edquilang said...

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mājas lapu izstrāde said...

Wauuu, this post was amazing man!!!! I love it because i am in to the space exploration things! This is awesome! I hope they will find a life up there soon and investigate it! :)