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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cases That Will Destroy Earth

"Did something ever subject your mind to think how Earth will be destroyed? That would be considered as absurd thinking because you are just making a point how mankind and everything will end. But scientifically thinking, (keeping the safe side of mine that I really don't want Earth be destroyed), what if there really is and how?"

Well, here will be some cases of bad scenarios that will subject Earth from being destroyed if ever. But of course, before we go through, neither of these being listed are said to be possible but just in case.
  • Existence failure. Will giving it by chance that the atoms which were making up the Earth just suddenly, simultaneously, or spontaneously cease to exist. Got a point there but these scenario would be a ridiculous one.
  • Sucked into a microscopic black hole. A black hole that is probably a man-made one. If you watched Spider-Man 2 where Doc Oc created a machine that slowly becoming like a blackhole. Microscopic blackhole will be placed on the surface of the Earth and it will slowly absorbed every matter until everything sucked up including earth. Sounds impossible but what if there will be a wicked scientist that could invent like this. OMG.
  • Vacuum Energy detonation. This is a fun one. Contemporary scientific theories tell us that what we may see as vacuum is only vacuum on average, and actually thriving with vast amounts of particles and antiparticles constantly appearing and then annihilating each other. It also suggests that the volume of space enclosed by a light bulb contains enough vacuum energy to boil every ocean in the world. Therefore, vacuum energy could prove to be the most abundant energy source of any kind. Which is where you come in. All you need to do is figure out how to extract this energy and harness it in some kind of power plant - this can easily be done without arousing too much suspicion - then surreptitiously allow the reaction to run out of control. The resulting release of energy would easily be enough to annihilate all of planet Earth and probably the Sun too. (source: "3001: The Final Odyssey," by Arthur C. Clarke")
  • Sucked into a Giant Blackhole. What if there would be a giant blackhole suddenly appear near the Earth and suck the Earth. If there would be, that surely be a scary scenario.
  • Pulverized by a big Impact from Outer Space objects. Just like in the movie "Armageddon", possibility of hitting the Earth by a huge heavenly bodies that will give a great impact enough to pulverize the Earth.
  • Being Hurled into the Sun. What if the earth losses track from its orbit making Earth pulled by Sun's gravitational force. It will be definitely the end because anything goes into the sun, destroys.
"So frightful to think ways like this. But as much as possible, all of these should not happen at any instances. If so, you are not going to read this article of mine because we don't already exists. Thank God it's not."

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