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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Knowing the Moon and Thunder

"I'm here again to share something that I know you would like to know. Some may knew it already but others will only be. These two things are always be familiar to everyone but knowing them further will likely to be a good one. So let's start now and talk about Moon and Thunder."

Moon is known to be the natural satellite of the Earth. According to the scientists, moon has used to be much closer from the Earth billion years ago. It was estimated that Earth is already been 4.5 billion years old right now. Moon is much closer from Earth before that it took only 20 days to revolve around the Earth to make a month. Yes, it was 20 days a month before and only 18 hours to make a day. But moon had moved away from the Earth and still moving to keep a distant from us. It was said that every year moon is moving away for about 1.6 inches or 4 cm. As it moves away, Earth's rotation would slows down making the day to lenghten. Not far in the future, we will going to have a 960 hours long to make a day.

Thunder is the roaring sound we hear whenever there is a storm or bad weather. But where really thunder coming from. I'll bet you, you will answer "lightning" which is not really is. For a brilliant answer, it's really the air that surrounds the lightning when it strikes. The air around the lightning is being superheated knowing that lightning bolt is 5 times hotter than the temperature of the sun. This sudden heating makes the air to expand faster than the speed of sound and then compressed that forms a shock wave. For that reason, we can hear it as a thunder.

"Now we know already these two things, the moon and the thunder. So until next again, see yah..."


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