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Friday, July 31, 2009

How Little the Twinkling Stars are?

"At night when the stars are brightly shining up in the sky is the perfect time to have star gazing. But have you ever wondered how big the stars are?"

"There are billions of stars we can find outside our solar system. They are countless as they are more than the grains of sands all over the world. Stars are very much far from our solar system where I think when you start traveling from here to the nearest star except our Sun, you're certainly don't have enough time of life to reach that star. But then, going back to the question, how big is the star?"

"Well, astronomers made the Sun as the basis to measure the size of the star. As we know that Sun is a star itself. The smallest stars so far known by the astronomers are the red dwarfs. You may or may not believe that the size of these stars are roughly 10% of the Sun's radius or about 70,000 km. You know that Earth has a diameter of approximately 14,000 km. Yet some of stars are hundred of times bigger than our very own Sun. Yes, that was how big a star is? That was the reason behind why it still visible at night though it very much far from our solar system. So far, Belteguese is the largest star being discovered is roughly and approximately 600 times bigger than the sun. Amazing, isn't it?"

Now, are you still gonna sing the nursery song, "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars"?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Two-headed Baby Born

This is not a movie scenario anymore. Anything or something impossible can be possible. But the fate of this baby is too odd for her. She was being born with two head. Yes, you read it right, it's a two-headed baby.

I really dreamed of having a twin but their case is really rare and odd. Who would actually like the situation having a twin who shares one body. I'm not questioning what God's plan is but it's really hard to believe what reality have brought to us.

Anyway, this baby was born last July 28, 2009 in Philippines. They were observed to have two hearts and two spines just enclosed in one cavity, and two brains but shares lungs and kidneys and the rest of organs. The doctors says if they had one heart, then they are not going to live long and survive. But in their case, doctors try everything to make the baby survives.

Same case has been reported in Indonesia but unfortunately they died on the day the two-headed baby born in Philippines. The twins just lived for only 5 days.

Are you the Ugliest Fish?

"I am one of the ugly fishes", said Blob Fish.

Have you ever seen this fish? A fish? Yes, it is absolutely a fish, and it is called the blob fish. It may look very gross but don't got me wrong because it's really a fish. You take a look at it very close, you may mistakenly picture it out as an old man's face, probably an old man's face from cartoons.

This fish can be seen in Australia and Tasmania. It is rarely be seen because it inhabits in deep waters. It lives beneath the depths of sea where extreme pressure is than of normal sea level. It looks gross because of its gelatinous body of which density is slightly less than the water. this fish lacks of muscle but not a disadvantage for them to eat because they feed on floating edible matte in front of them.

If you'll ask me if this fish is edible or safe to be eaten, then I think, NO. Even so it is edible, who would dare to eat such kind of fish. Can you manage to eat this? Well, it's up to you if you would like to. It may be like a jelly when eaten of fish flavor. Goodluck then.

Human Cloning: Is Possible and Acceptable?

"We have seen movies that shows human cloning. I just wonder if human cloning will be possible though we know that there were successful cloning experiments done using animal as the medium. For sure you know that Dolly was the famous cloned sheep. But the question is, do the religious groups and government will allow and tolerate human cloning?"

"I admit to myself that my greatest dream is to have an identical twin. I really think of it that having an identical twin is really fun. Because I don't have a twin, I abruptly think about human cloning will grant my greatest dream. But when will it be possible?"

"On the other hand, the religious groups, especially the Catholic Church, really don't want to practice human cloning. This is because according to the belief it is against to the will of God and it is very unethical. But what if it happen that we cloned human and it made new life but unsuccessfully copied the real human because of deformities and unexpected errors. Is it okay to kill that clone? That is really a big question to think and answer."

"For the sake of science, they say that in the future, we really need this kind of method. They are on the process of formulation that this might help to cure the uncurable disease and to immense the capabilities of humans."

"But what is like to be cloned? Will it inherit the same knowledge or more than than of the human being cloned ? Will it have the same character and attitude from the human being copied? Well, these things will just be answered if human cloning is already been done. As of now, these are big questions remained to have no answer."

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Global Warming: The Earth is on Fire

"Do you ever feel changes or something strange around you? Guys, I know you are. Everything changes and you can actually pinpoint what are those changes. I guess, I think, I supposed that the picture on the left has the literal meaning that earth is on fire. Going deeper into that, I bet you it's Global Warming."

"I, as an ordinary people, walk on streets everyday and notice everything I see and feel how environment treats me or human treats the environment. I see cars, trucks, and motor vehicles running down the streets that emit carbon mono/dioxide into the air. Even people who consumes cigarette for the reason I don't know why they smoke. Factories are competing to belch smoke as they produce their goods. Keen observing makes me just realized that all these stuffs contribute to make Earth set on fire."

"Unfortunately, I can say that changes on climates caused by global warming begins the end of everything. Ice glaciers gradually melt down, forests fire triggers, weather abnormalities manifest leading to disturb the season cycles."

"Guys, I just noticed that last summer was not not really a summer. I don't even enjoy the summer vacation because the whole season is just like a rainy season. This is a clear evidence of season disturbances caused by global warming. I'm starting to be scared off because what I see from movies just like from the movie The Day After Tomorrow might actually happen in real life. For God's sake, I hope it would not happen."

"I'm happy to see that we have researchers now that find solutions to stop the global warming itself. I actually watched it from TV or read from the internet that they make steps to put solution of killing the global warming. For now, we know on ourselves that on our own unique way, we can contribute to stop global warming. Just think, think, and think how and then implement at the end."

"Let's work on making the Earth green again."

Monday, July 27, 2009

Children Of New Generation: Not easy to Take Care Of

"I personally observed this kind of changes nowadays. I have a nephew and my mom is taking care of him. For about my surprise, what he does right now is not too easy to handle unlike when we, my siblings, were still kids before. They are more rebellious compared from kids before. Not only my nephew but all other kids in our neighborhoood shared this same kind of traits. They act to be like spoiled brats even though we do not tolerate it."

"What they want to do are always or should be given or else they will stumble and cry out loud. Imagine these kids really love to play, but playing too much or watching TV programs up until midnight is not an ordinary situation. Maybe I may blame that we have been modernized and we lived in city but I think is not very considerable factor. Right?"

"I can't imagine my child will be like that someday. But I'm hoping they will not be as too hard to handle. They can play as much as they want, watch their favorite TV programs and have the things they want. But there is such limitatons I want to implement. I know time will come those traits they are showing right now will constantly disappear as they grow older. I have been once a kid and I know the right time will fixed things."

Weird and Elongated Skull of the Ancient

A weird looking skull was discovered by archaeologists near the Siberian city in Omsk, Russia last January 2009. This elongated skull is only one of the several skulls that had been found in the nearby forest. The archaelogists of Omsk's Museum of History and Culture dated this skull from around 4th Century A.D. but still clueless from where it was originated.

An explanation has been formulated that this skull is deliberately deformed during the infant age with the possible reason of increasing the mental abilities. Another explanation is the possibility that this person has been subjected as a living instrument of great mental capabilities that may determine a danger or predict weather conditions. But whatever it was, it's totally weird that they could practice rituals like this. If so, ancients do this for what they know that is right for them. It's a part of their culture.

Here is the video of the elongated skull.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

HRP-3 Promet Mk-II and HRP-4C: Japan's Newest Robot

It's undeniable that Japan is taking ahead in terms of technological advancements. So far, they are known for creating humanoid robots that can dance and walk like humans. Asimo of Honda tells it all.

But speaking of the latest, HRP-3 Promet Mk-II whose photo is at the left, is the most recent humanoid robot of Japan. It stands 5'4'' tall and has the abilty to walk on slippery surface. This robot is a water-proof robot meaning that he can even take a shower. It's really a human replication. HRP-3 Promet Mk-II cost 15 million Yen or roughly $120,000 USD.

Another humanoid robot is HRP-4C. She is a girlbot having her catwalk debut as a fashion model in Tokyo, Japan. She stands 5 feet tall taking like an average Japanese girl at an age around 19 to 29. Primarily, this android consists of 30 motors in her boy that enables her to walk and move like a human. Another eight facial motors for enabling her to have facial expressions like blinking, smiling, and even expressing emotions of anger and astonishments. HRP-4C was designed by Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology and cost for about $200,000 USD.

As of now, we know that some time in the future we will be having robots that look like from the movie iRobot. It's not impossible for we have the technologies that can lead to an impressive creations. We might know that those robots will have an artificial intelligence and eventually help humans to do the work.