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Monday, July 27, 2009

Weird and Elongated Skull of the Ancient

A weird looking skull was discovered by archaeologists near the Siberian city in Omsk, Russia last January 2009. This elongated skull is only one of the several skulls that had been found in the nearby forest. The archaelogists of Omsk's Museum of History and Culture dated this skull from around 4th Century A.D. but still clueless from where it was originated.

An explanation has been formulated that this skull is deliberately deformed during the infant age with the possible reason of increasing the mental abilities. Another explanation is the possibility that this person has been subjected as a living instrument of great mental capabilities that may determine a danger or predict weather conditions. But whatever it was, it's totally weird that they could practice rituals like this. If so, ancients do this for what they know that is right for them. It's a part of their culture.

Here is the video of the elongated skull.