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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Global Warming: The Earth is on Fire

"Do you ever feel changes or something strange around you? Guys, I know you are. Everything changes and you can actually pinpoint what are those changes. I guess, I think, I supposed that the picture on the left has the literal meaning that earth is on fire. Going deeper into that, I bet you it's Global Warming."

"I, as an ordinary people, walk on streets everyday and notice everything I see and feel how environment treats me or human treats the environment. I see cars, trucks, and motor vehicles running down the streets that emit carbon mono/dioxide into the air. Even people who consumes cigarette for the reason I don't know why they smoke. Factories are competing to belch smoke as they produce their goods. Keen observing makes me just realized that all these stuffs contribute to make Earth set on fire."

"Unfortunately, I can say that changes on climates caused by global warming begins the end of everything. Ice glaciers gradually melt down, forests fire triggers, weather abnormalities manifest leading to disturb the season cycles."

"Guys, I just noticed that last summer was not not really a summer. I don't even enjoy the summer vacation because the whole season is just like a rainy season. This is a clear evidence of season disturbances caused by global warming. I'm starting to be scared off because what I see from movies just like from the movie The Day After Tomorrow might actually happen in real life. For God's sake, I hope it would not happen."

"I'm happy to see that we have researchers now that find solutions to stop the global warming itself. I actually watched it from TV or read from the internet that they make steps to put solution of killing the global warming. For now, we know on ourselves that on our own unique way, we can contribute to stop global warming. Just think, think, and think how and then implement at the end."

"Let's work on making the Earth green again."