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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Two-headed Baby Born

This is not a movie scenario anymore. Anything or something impossible can be possible. But the fate of this baby is too odd for her. She was being born with two head. Yes, you read it right, it's a two-headed baby.

I really dreamed of having a twin but their case is really rare and odd. Who would actually like the situation having a twin who shares one body. I'm not questioning what God's plan is but it's really hard to believe what reality have brought to us.

Anyway, this baby was born last July 28, 2009 in Philippines. They were observed to have two hearts and two spines just enclosed in one cavity, and two brains but shares lungs and kidneys and the rest of organs. The doctors says if they had one heart, then they are not going to live long and survive. But in their case, doctors try everything to make the baby survives.

Same case has been reported in Indonesia but unfortunately they died on the day the two-headed baby born in Philippines. The twins just lived for only 5 days.