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Friday, July 31, 2009

How Little the Twinkling Stars are?

"At night when the stars are brightly shining up in the sky is the perfect time to have star gazing. But have you ever wondered how big the stars are?"

"There are billions of stars we can find outside our solar system. They are countless as they are more than the grains of sands all over the world. Stars are very much far from our solar system where I think when you start traveling from here to the nearest star except our Sun, you're certainly don't have enough time of life to reach that star. But then, going back to the question, how big is the star?"

"Well, astronomers made the Sun as the basis to measure the size of the star. As we know that Sun is a star itself. The smallest stars so far known by the astronomers are the red dwarfs. You may or may not believe that the size of these stars are roughly 10% of the Sun's radius or about 70,000 km. You know that Earth has a diameter of approximately 14,000 km. Yet some of stars are hundred of times bigger than our very own Sun. Yes, that was how big a star is? That was the reason behind why it still visible at night though it very much far from our solar system. So far, Belteguese is the largest star being discovered is roughly and approximately 600 times bigger than the sun. Amazing, isn't it?"

Now, are you still gonna sing the nursery song, "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars"?