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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Are you the Ugliest Fish?

"I am one of the ugly fishes", said Blob Fish.

Have you ever seen this fish? A fish? Yes, it is absolutely a fish, and it is called the blob fish. It may look very gross but don't got me wrong because it's really a fish. You take a look at it very close, you may mistakenly picture it out as an old man's face, probably an old man's face from cartoons.

This fish can be seen in Australia and Tasmania. It is rarely be seen because it inhabits in deep waters. It lives beneath the depths of sea where extreme pressure is than of normal sea level. It looks gross because of its gelatinous body of which density is slightly less than the water. this fish lacks of muscle but not a disadvantage for them to eat because they feed on floating edible matte in front of them.

If you'll ask me if this fish is edible or safe to be eaten, then I think, NO. Even so it is edible, who would dare to eat such kind of fish. Can you manage to eat this? Well, it's up to you if you would like to. It may be like a jelly when eaten of fish flavor. Goodluck then.