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Monday, July 27, 2009

Children Of New Generation: Not easy to Take Care Of

"I personally observed this kind of changes nowadays. I have a nephew and my mom is taking care of him. For about my surprise, what he does right now is not too easy to handle unlike when we, my siblings, were still kids before. They are more rebellious compared from kids before. Not only my nephew but all other kids in our neighborhoood shared this same kind of traits. They act to be like spoiled brats even though we do not tolerate it."

"What they want to do are always or should be given or else they will stumble and cry out loud. Imagine these kids really love to play, but playing too much or watching TV programs up until midnight is not an ordinary situation. Maybe I may blame that we have been modernized and we lived in city but I think is not very considerable factor. Right?"

"I can't imagine my child will be like that someday. But I'm hoping they will not be as too hard to handle. They can play as much as they want, watch their favorite TV programs and have the things they want. But there is such limitatons I want to implement. I know time will come those traits they are showing right now will constantly disappear as they grow older. I have been once a kid and I know the right time will fixed things."