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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Human Cloning: Is Possible and Acceptable?

"We have seen movies that shows human cloning. I just wonder if human cloning will be possible though we know that there were successful cloning experiments done using animal as the medium. For sure you know that Dolly was the famous cloned sheep. But the question is, do the religious groups and government will allow and tolerate human cloning?"

"I admit to myself that my greatest dream is to have an identical twin. I really think of it that having an identical twin is really fun. Because I don't have a twin, I abruptly think about human cloning will grant my greatest dream. But when will it be possible?"

"On the other hand, the religious groups, especially the Catholic Church, really don't want to practice human cloning. This is because according to the belief it is against to the will of God and it is very unethical. But what if it happen that we cloned human and it made new life but unsuccessfully copied the real human because of deformities and unexpected errors. Is it okay to kill that clone? That is really a big question to think and answer."

"For the sake of science, they say that in the future, we really need this kind of method. They are on the process of formulation that this might help to cure the uncurable disease and to immense the capabilities of humans."

"But what is like to be cloned? Will it inherit the same knowledge or more than than of the human being cloned ? Will it have the same character and attitude from the human being copied? Well, these things will just be answered if human cloning is already been done. As of now, these are big questions remained to have no answer."