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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cyclone, Hurricane, and Typhoon are Different

We know that cyclone, hurricane, and typhoon are all just the same. And I thought of that, too, before. But not in our awareness, these three things are definitely different from each other though they share common thing as a storm, indeed.

Deciphering the differences between the three storms will lead to the fact from where they are being formed. In other words, their origin and location. Hurricane forms in Atlantic or Eastern Pacific. So apparently, the storms that threaten the United States of America are all hurricane. On the other hand, typhoon typically forms at Western Pacific and endangers most countries like Japan, Philippines, Island of Guam, etc. While cyclone forms at some location within Southern Pacific.

They say that typhoon is stronger than hurricane but cyclone is not as prevalent as hurricane. But whatever they are, the three are dangerous storms. One thing we don't know about the storms is that, a storm that begins at the upper part of the equator rotates clockwise and storm that begins at the lower part of the equator rotates counterclockwise. Don't ask if a storm can cross over the equator and it will change direction of rotation because as of now, it never happens and air currents won't permit storms to crossover the equator.

Now we know the differences among cyclones, hurricane, and typhoon.


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