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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cooking Popcorn Using Cellphones

This is the most ridiculous thing I really heard of and ever watched. There are people claim that you can cook popcorn using cellphone radiation. For me that kind of situation is really busted.

Cellphone radiation and the concept of microwave oven are totally different. With that of cellphones, radiation frequency that it emits is not really capable to excite water molecules in order for a certain food to be cooked. Besides, the low power it gives off is totally not as high compare to microwave ovens. Cellphone radiation frequency is much lower compare to microwave ovens. In fact, the frequency where the microwave ovens operate is the only frequency that can only excite water molecules and is specialized in cooking or heating up.

Just imagine if cellphone radiation can really cook, when you receive calls and your cellphone was in your pocket and it rings for long period, your skin should be cooked by that time. But it's not, right?
If you are still gonna believe, experiment it yourself and wait for the kernel of corn to pop. Hope that time will come. GoodLuck..

Here is the sample video from Youtube...