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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lab-grown Meats Versus Livestock Meats

What would you prefer between lab-grown meats or livestock meats? In the near future, meats grown in labs will be successfully done replacing the traditional meats from livestocks. Scientifically and technically, making use of lab-grown meats will satisfy the increasing demands of people for meat worldwide and reducing the factor of raising and slaughtering of livestocks. But, taking the thought of it, how the lab-grown meat be differs with that of livestock meat?

Well, there'll be no differences between the two because the process of growing of tissues for the growth of meat in the labs will be the same as the process of what we call the natural healing or regeneration of tissues of human and animals. This technique has been already used such as in medical fields. This extensive studies about lab-grown meats which are now already in the process are pushing through the purpose of reducing the livestock farms. Other factors are:

  • Avoiding animal suffering by reducing the farming and killing of livestock.
  • Dramatically cutting down on food-borne ailments such as mad cow disease and salmonella or germs such as swine flu, by monitoring the growth of meat in labs.
  • Livestock currently take up 70 percent of all agricultural land, corresponding to 30 percent of the world's land surface, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. Labs would presumably require much less space.
  • Livestock generate 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, more than all of the vehicles on Earth, the FAO added. Since the animals themselves are mostly responsible for these gases, reducing livestock numbers could help alleviate global warming.

  • Now, we can have pork, chicken and beef meats without raising pig, chicken, and cow. But it will depends on how people will catch up with this kind of technological process. Some would not be favor but others will be at it. Nevertheless, the future will tell us so.


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